Monday, May 7, 2012

The tricky balance of our creative energy ...and the drive to succeed

As writers we all want to be a success. We want to have our words touch people’s hearts; we want to somehow be immortalized through our work, and at the end of the day we want to sell books. That seems pretty normal—but percolating under the unconscious surface, could there be deeper reasons that being a success is so important to us? And, is the drive to “make it”

Stealing Our Joy?

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This really spoke to me, as some of my joy has been diminished in the past few weeks...Closing The Gate has not sold as many copies as I had hoped it would.  I am finding that I need to address my own inner expectations (and isn't that always fun! Not!) my creative energy has been drained---marketing a book, doing readings, signings, talking to booksellers--all a necessary part of the marketing and sales today---has taken my time and energy for creating new writings.  and I find myself resenting the time it takes and wanting to hide away in a locked room for a couple of weeks and just recharge. 

This article was a good reminder that I am in control of that --my expectations, my reactions, my time.....

It's all a balancing act the people who used to balance plates on stick and try to keep multiple sizes and shapes spinning at different speeds's never easy..and sometimes not a lot of fun....

Does anyone have tips for managing  this tricky balance? 

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