Friday, April 13, 2012

Amazon by the numbers

as of 2009, Amazon stocked more than 5 million titles, more than  50 times the  brick and mortar bookstore

and 30 percent of their sales comes from books NOT in the top 100,000!

June Hall McCash in the Strauss Historical Society newsletter

June Hall McCash, a retired history professor, wanted to write about Isidor and Ida Straus for many years. It took a very long time for her to find the right vehicle and to meticulously research her subject. As you might imagine, she contacted SHS at the beginning of her project. We've been working together, she asking questions, SHS responding. Many times June found a missing piece in our information or helped to put our information in context.

june Hall McCash Titanic story in the blogs...
Hopping in and out of planes for the last couple of weeks (Ask me about how I directed Bill and me to the wrong airport!), my inner clock has been thrown off more than a few times, but reading one physical, printed book has kept me grounded a bit. June Hall McCash has unearthed the story of Ida and Isidor Straus, and chronicled it in an incredibly detailed recount: A Titanic Love Story.
The writing is a bit dry, but I suppose that’s what happens with historical nonfiction. (In elementary school I read A Night to Remember, another nonfiction account of the sinking of the Titanic, and oddly enough I loved it

Foreign Rogue Sites That Earned $10 Million Annually from Copyrighted Content Shut Down

EDIBLE books!!

Edible Book Festival 2012 report

Edible Book Festival logo
The 5th annual Edible Book Festival at UW-Madison Libraries was on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. It was pretty awesome. All 18 entries showed originality, talent, and (ahem) good taste.

Selling through Indie bookstores....

Work it!! Make your Author Facebook Page Count!!

.....Run a contest.
Run a contest on Facebook, your website, your blog, or your Twitter profile where the person who sends the most fans to your page wins a big prize......

June Hall mcCash at the Custom house....

Book pubishers attempt to control the marketplace...

....The real value of the agency model over the wholesale model is that it gives publishers — not Amazon — the power to control the market.......

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Writing events nearby in NW Georgia

Tuesday, April 10, 1 pmPresentation: “Writing for Television and Film”
Jeffrey Stepakoff, writer for Wonder Years, Dawson’s Creek, and Disney films
Tuesday, April 10, 6 pm
Presentation and reading: The Orchard
Jeffrey Stepakoff, author of Fireworks Over Toccoa and The Orchard
Autograph session to follow
Wednesday, April 11, 1 pm
Presentation: “The Love of Reading” by Roy Exum, storyteller and columnist
Thursday, April 12, 1 pm
Presentation: Foxfire: 45 Years
Joyce Green, editor of The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book
Autograph session to follow
Thursday, April 12, 6 pm, Goodroe Auditorium
Presentation: “The Barbeque that Healed a Nation” by Kent Whitaker, The Deck Chef,
followed by a Taste of the South – sampling of Southern food
Autograph session to follow

click on link to see the full list!

Monday, April 9, 2012

inspirational words from TWA Board Member Diana Rose!

on TWA's own Maypop!

TN Writers Alliance seeking new board members !

If you are a Tennessee writer, please consider becoming a board member or volunteer for the TWA

The TWA provides services and support for all TN writers and needs volunteers to lead and implement programs to benefits our members

This is a rewarding investment of time and the possibilities for providing input and making a difference are unbounded! 

please email Deb @

Writers--tips on using social media and more!

click on the link above to see whats in the blogs that can help!