Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Deb and Closing The Gate on Skepticality! Interview ! podcast!


Deborah Simpson

- The 1997 Heaven’s Gate mass suicide was the largest even conducted on American soil.
– Her new book “Closing The Gate” is about Heaven’s Gate and her brother, Jimmy.
– Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles were the ‘figureheads’ of the group at the time.
– There were additional, related, suicides at the same time as the main Heaven’s Gate California event.
– Always be aware of warning signs if you see them in friends or loved ones.
– Remaining members still maintain the Heaven’s Gate website and distribute information.
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20 Valuable Writing Resources


Word of Mouth Marketing Book Hits Bestseller List


The book focuses on the fundamentals of word of mouth and features tutorials on "3 Reasons People Talk About You," "4 Rules of Word of Mouth," and "5 Ts of Word of Mouth Marketing." The book also features case studies from Dell, IKEA, Intuit, and Microsoft.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A key contact resource for agents and publishers !!


  • Access new deals daily; opt to receive a daily deal e-mail; and search the deal database containing thousands of transactions.
  • Search the Who Represents database of authors and agents.
  • Search the contact database of thousands of industry contacts.

  • Use the track books page to follow your titles' rankings at Amazon and BN.com, as well as cross-check automatically against 12 bestseller lists

    How to make your book free on Kindle.....


    Seeing Other People

    Next week I’ll be posting about KDP Select, which enrolls your book in the Kindle Owners Lending Library and lets you promote your book as free for up to five days out of every ninety. To do this, you have to give your e-book exclusively to Amazon for the whole ninety days.

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    Tips for writers from NY Times best selling author and Nashville native, J T Ellison

    Overheard on today's broadcast of  "A Word on Words"  on NPT  with John Seigenthaler

    1) JT writes 1000 words per day minimum and recommends all writers set defined goals for daily writing 
    2) JT says that she sees writers block as the story's way of telling the author that they are trying to head down the wrong path

    JT was talking about "A Deeper Darkness" which she wrote in 90 days! it is her 8th best selling novel!  
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    A Deeper Darkness by J T Ellison