Thursday, June 30, 2011

Simple Self Publishing: UPC Codes? vs ISBN#???

Simple Self Publishing: UPC Codes? vs ISBN#???: "UPC Code '' hat is a UPC barcode? And how does it work? Universal Product Codes (also known as GTIN-12) appear as lines (bars) of vary..."

Monday, June 27, 2011

Simple Self Publishing: My Book on the Library Shelf!

Simple Self Publishing: My Book on the Library Shelf!

How to Get Publication Credits? Clips?

Ideas & Resources for Writers Seeking Publication Credits
1)      Local/community newspapers –generally operating on a shoestring-; probably can’t pay, but are often open to articles from new writers. READ several issues first to understand the “language” and focus of the newspaper (more community events or news; more personal stories or general interest and events, etc). Consider asking the editor out of lunch or coffee, if possible.
2)      Online magazines and portals like Creativity-Portal; most don’t pay but are open to new writers, esp. if they have an interesting idea or approach. 
3)      Anthologies- these types of collections do not normally make money, and therefore, do not pay; some will require a submission fee, but they are often open to new writers and approaches.  (Hint: search Google for “seeking submissions” ;  “Call for Submissions”; “Anthology (and subjects that interest you, etc.  Note: don’t forget to search both websites and blogs!  Also consider doing same searches on Face book and Twitter)
4)      Literary Journals-again, many are operating on a shoestring and cannot pay, but may offer free copies.  Check out local/independent/ college bookstores for journal titles and publisher info. Also check  Writers Market (fee based online service ) or Diatrope (free and online-part of Zoetrope)
5)      Chamber of Commerce publications—may list small business that could benefit from creative or technical writing, but may not be able to offer much in compensation. Consider writing web content, or online product/service related articles.
Make Sure you keep an electronic and paper copy of the published articles, poems, etc as well as any agreements, emails, etc –as these may be needed for evidence of publication. 
Consider keeping a portfolio with copies , etc of all publications
Consider keeping a word document listing all publications, dates, word counts, article type, links, etc.  For books, add ISVN, Amazon listing link, etc). Don’t forget your own websites and blogs!  (They are publications, and add to your overall experience, but can’t be “counted” as “publication credits” or “clips”)