Friday, April 20, 2012

A family legacy of strange?

Marshall Applewhite. His granddaughter, Hannah was convicted of murder for failure to seek medical attention for a four year old boy she was fostering and in the process of adopting.

Some question remains as to what role PICA plays in the death attributed to salt poisoning.

The jury found her guilty for failing to seek proper medical attention for his vague symptoms, although she performed CPR for quite some time despite suffering from severe whiplash from a recent car accident and being six months pregnant.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Tennessee Mountain Writers Conference - Tennessee,Oak Ridge TN,Tennessee Writers Alliance

2012 Tennessee Mountain Writers Conference - Tennessee,Oak Ridge TN,Tennessee Writers Alliance

Every book Needs a Birthday!

"....people should prepare to invest as much time marketing their book as they did writing it. This includes sending emails, attending talks and meeting people. Writers should have a good bio, including publication credits, as well as a website.

"Your book launch is your book's birthday," she said. "Every book needs a birthday."

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Monday, April 16, 2012

TWA Announcement --William Visher and Matthew Watts

The TWA is proud to announce the addition of two new board members. William Visher is coming on as the Director of Media and Marketing. William is a published author and is the owner and operator of Visher Ink Publishing. Matthew Watts is the leader of the Murfreesboro Writer’s Group and is an MTSU student. Matt will be our liaison to MTSU and will do some blogging for us in the not to distant future.


Differences among lists
Bestseller lists may vary widely, depending on the method used for calculating sales. The Book Sense bestseller lists, for example, use only sales numbers, provided by independently owned (non-chain) bookstores, while the New York Times list includes both wholesale and retail sales from a variety of sources. A book that sells well in gift shops and grocery stores may hit a New York Times list without ever appearing on a Book Sense list. USA Today has only one list, not separated into fiction/non-fiction and hardcover/paperback, so that relative sales among these categories can be ascertained.
Lists from, the dominant on-line book retailer, are based only on sales from their own Web site, and are updated on an hourly basis...

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one More time---how a bestseller was made....

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We’ve all been told a lot of myths about what it takes to reach the top twenty list of the NYT BSL. What I was told: you have to have an initial print run of 100-150K, you have to go to all the writer and reader conferences to pimp the book, you can’t make it unless you go to certain bookstores during release week and have a mass signing or somehow arrange for a lot of copies to be sold there; the list is fixed, etc.

I’ve never had a 100K first print run. I don’t do book signings...

My advance for Twilight Fall was $50,000.00, a third of which I did not get paid until the book physically hit the shelf — this is now a common practice by publishers, to withhold a portion of the advance until date of publication. Of that $50K, my agent received $7,500.00 as her 15% (which she earns, believe me) the goverment received roughly $15,000.00, and $1594.27 went to cover my expenses (office supplies, blog giveaways, shipping, promotion, etc.) After expenses and everyone else was paid, I netted about $26K of my $50K advance for this book, which is believe it or not very good — most authors are lucky if they can make 10% profit on any book. This should also shut up everyone who says all bestselling authors make millions — most of us don’t...

top 3 time and money wasters on the road to a bestselling book--a must read!

“What were the 1-3 biggest wastes of time and money?”
This led me to create a “not-to-do” list. Number one was no book touring or bookstore signings whatsoever. Not a one. All of the best-selling authors warned against this author rite of passage. I instead focused on the most efficient word-of-mouth networks in the world at the time–blogs. The path to seeding the ideas of 4HWW was then straight-forward:
* Go where bloggers go
* Be there with a message and a story that will appeal to their interests, not yours
* Build and maintain those relationships through your own blog too

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A bestselling author -tells the TRUTH about publicity -a MUST read article!

People consider me to be one of the mouthpieces of the self-publishing movement. As such, I often get interviewed. I've been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, the Washington Post, Forbes, Newsweek, USA Today, etc.

You'd think all of this publicity has led to increased sales of my ebooks.

You'd think wrong.

The majority of my sales come from Amazon and my ability to use the tools they provide. So far I've played my cards right. I write fun books with good covers and sell them cheap, I have a lot of virtual shelf space, and readers like my writing.
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this is a must read article!

Blog Talk Radio --tool for book marketing