Saturday, February 4, 2012

News-Closing The Gate, by William Visher

William Visher of Visher Ink and Closing The Gate

Author Deb Simpson recalls life of brother and member of Heaven’s Gate cult in new book

Murfreesboro author and Tennessee Writer’s Alliance president Deb Simpsonhas dealt with her fair share of tragedy and has decided to deal with it on the printed page. She has written “Closing the Gate: Inside Heaven’s Gate”, a first person account of life with her brother, Jimmy, who was a member of the Heaven’s Gate cult. It is due out this March which coincides with the fifteenth anniversary of the event. While he was not actually in Rancho Santa Fe, CA on March 26, 1997, he did take his own life just five weeks later on May 13.
Writer Simpson has also penned “One Moment, One Memory, One Motion, “a memoir in poetic form about a young girl who endured physical and sexual abuse, and how the presence of one person in her life enabled her to reach beyond the shame, to a place of spiritual healing and joy.”
Advance Review for Closing the Gate:

” Deb Simpson’s familial voices ring with authenticity, call outto us from the pages of Closing the Gate, and pull the readerinto the midst of a deeply troubled family where Simpson’sconversational tone insists that we pay attention. She writeswith great courage and honesty in examining Jimmy’s plight:his dream of a place to call home, his tumble into the world ofa cult, and the inevitable downward spiral that his lonely lifetakes. She causes us to examine and reflect on the crucialdevelopmental years and every child’s yearning to belong.

Susan Ashley Michael, author of
  • Crossing The Bridge of Sighs
  • Toys in the Sand: Recovering Childhood Memories inLakeville, Massachusetts
See the You Tube promo Here: “>Closing the Gate trailer

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Need a Press Release?

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Closing The Gate Book Trailers now active on You Tube!

Book Trailer Closing the Gate #1
Closing the Gate book trailer # 2

Monday, January 30, 2012

Closing The Gate Book Trailer!

almost complete--a new book trailer for the book Closing The Gate

I will post the link once published--should be within the next day or two!