Friday, September 26, 2014

A New Ending to an Old Tortured Story

A few weeks ago
Filled with Joy
I made contact with my dad
after 30 years apart

Earlier this month
We visited him at his home in Waco
and had some good moments and some sad

I hoped it would be a new beginning
But it was not to be...

I can forgive past hurts
I can use compassion and empathy to understand another's viewpoints
But allowing someone to continue to ridicule and belittle you or your family
is to enable abuse -and that I will not do

So, today, I ended this tortured tale

3 times he walked away -
when I was a baby, when I was a teen, and when I was a young adult
This time, I walked away

The ridicule and snide remarks end now
a new and final ending to this old and tortured story

Deb Simpson


  1. A long and tortured journey leading to a strong, wise woman with a gentle soul and big heart. Your strength is no less than inspirational.

  2. I'm sorry, Deb. I cannot say it any better than Lounita has. Sending love . . .