Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Words for the Writer!!

Looking for that "just right" phobia for your


fear of cats
algophobia fear of pain
amathophobia fear of dust
amaxophobia fear of riding in a car
ambulophobia fear of walking
anglophobia fear of England or the English
anthrophobia fear of humans
anuptaphobia fear of staying single

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The MUST haves for an author....

Several times in recent months I’ve had consultations with authors that really surprised me. These typically happen at writing and publishing conferences. One of the best reasons to go to these events is to get a totally new take on your book from someone inside the publishing industry....
For many authors, this is the first time they’ve talked about their publishing plans and the concept behind them.
As someone sitting on the other side of the table, by this point you expect that an author will have some or all of these things worked out:
  • Their pitch, the tightly encapsulated, 30-second summary that will tell you what the book’s about, what other books it’s like, and what market the book is intended for.
  • Their category, niche, or genre, the exact shelf, either real or virtual, where their book will be at home, and the books against which it will be compared.
  • Their persona, the specific aspects of their own personality that they will be projecting as an author in promoting and marketing activities.
After all, launching a book and, by extension, a publishing career, is a complex task with lots of layers of meaning and action all rolled into one.
None of these attributes is cast in stone, unchangeable. But authors still know they need to have thought about these things when they get ready to step over the threshold into public view. ...

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