I named this blog Live, Love, and Write, to honor the core elements of life.

Don't just exist! Dedicate yourself to a healthy, nourishing life, one filled with challenge and creation; action and reflection; supporting the parts of life that matter to you.

Part of living is embracing those people and causes we care about. On this blog, you'll read about the following topics, because they are important to me:

Speaking out about abuse, shining daylight into the darkened corners of shame on this topic; telling our stories.

Remembering the special people in our lives, the ones who helped us achieve our goals, and the ones we've lost; telling their stories.

Honoring the family and friends that grace my life today, and enrich my days with their presence.

These are the stories of life.

LIVE! Don't just exist! Take a chance. Try something new. Rekindle something remembered.


Without love, there is no life. IT is the love of the day, the love of our families and friends that inspire us to reach for life with gusto, or to simply put one foot in front of the other when times are tough. Remember the people we've loved, who gave us joy and smiles, hugs and humor. Even if they are no longer with us, their gifts remain. These are the most poignant stories of our lives.

Love--even if its not returned, for your life will be richer.


For me, writing is life. When times are tough, I often write my way through it, and the results are sometimes my richest poems and prose. A dear friend of mine (Bob Michaels) is remembered for saying "there are people who lived wonderful, happy lives, and then there are writers...." and this is certainly true for me!

Write--don't think about who will read it, or where it could be be published. Don't edit yourself while you write, for your internal editor may remove the most controversial and intriguing parts. Just write. Don't edit until your muse has stopped talking. The editor and the muse do not often coexist.

Write--pick up the pen or tap on the keyboard. Keep your fingers moving and your mind will lead the way.


Live, Love, & Write

Allow yourself to be ...simply who you are.