One Moment

One Moment, One Memory, One Motion--aka The OM Poetry Book --
Is a memoir told in poetic form. From the days of carefree childhood, in the poem Mama’s Face, to the chilling details of sexual abuse in Mardi Gras Carnal, and the terrors of a parents’ mental illness in Fractured, these poems paint a picture of life inside a child's soul. The images portrayed by the word choices and rhythm of the poems are graphic and disturbing, but the message is one of hope. As the poetic memoir describes, it was the small moments and memories that kept dreams and wishes alive, until a pathway out of the abuse and its’ Echoes, could be found.
One Moment, One Memory, One Motion is a story of a sexual abuse survivor who learns not just to survive, but to thrive, and to reach out to others with the gift of a moment of time, a memory to keep, or a motion to remind us we are not alone.

4-Star Amazon Review for One Moment,One Memory, One Motion!

A cathartic work with hidden strength...., January 14, 2011
"One Moment, One Memory, One Motion" by Deb Simpson is more than a book of poetry; it's a message of
strength and inspiration wrapped in the beauty of the written word for all to share. The author went through
some dark times in her life, as she so candidly discloses in her opening thoughts, but with that candor she
gains both the undivided attention and trust of readers. Each section delivers a little more history from the
author's past in both the short introductions and the poetic content. While the usual beauty we associate
with this written form is stripped away due to the events being conveyed, the real beauty of these pieces
comes from the courage it took to share such traumatic experiences not only to heal herself but to
potentially prevent the same thing from happening to someone else.

Recommended for adult readers only as the subject matter discussed is not appropriate for young eyes,
but it is appropriate to help spread awareness about a type of criminal act that generally goes unseen...
except by the criminal and the victim. Knowledge is power. For those that have been in a similar place,
knowing that someone else has lived through their own version of that personal he** and survived to tell
the tale can mean the difference between them choosing to remain silent or finally breaking free and
speaking out.

By G. Reba (Panama City, FL)
Another Great Review for the Om Poetry Book!!

One Moment, One Memory, One Motion by Deb Simpson is truly remarkable
collection of poetry. Its subject matter is as serious as its writing is accessible. One
Moment, One Memory, One Motion tells Deb’s story of living through and recovering
from sexual abuse.

There is no need for fantastic circumstance or obscure literary reference; the
events and emotions conveyed carry more than enough power. She has no need for
pretense or literary cryptology. What she does is spin memory and pure emotion into
a tapestry as clearly seen, intricate, and unique as the illustrations on almost every
page of the book.

While the collection is about overcoming sexual abuse, not every poem is one of
hurt and pain. Poems such as “Mama’s Face” and “Pink Place” are sweet and
peaceful, recollections of the sorts of places we all hopefully have. “Pendulum of the
King” reasserts the kind of faith it takes to make it through adversity, whether it be
that of abuse or simply despair.

One Moment, One Memory, One Motion goes further than exploring pain and
hardship, extending back to recovery. Indeed, while the collection as a whole was
quite well done, I found the most inspired work to be that concerning overcoming the
past. Perhaps it is the more universal nature of these poems that I find appealing.
The entire collection inspires feeling, but poems like the aforementioned “Pendulum
of the King” and “Reclaiming and Renaming” are applicable to my own life.

In short, One Moment, One Memory, One Motion is a superbly written and
powerfully felt collection of poems. While the subject matter may mean that it’s not
a book for everyone, it is an incredibly enlightening book for those willing to give it a

Matthew Watts, Murfreesboro, TN


  1. Thand Deb for comming in to Coffe County High I learned so much from your talk. Your words were very insperational and im so greatfull for the time you put in with us and you were able to write about your loss in order to teach the world about the danger of cults. I myself have had a friend in a cult he didn't die thank goodness but fy friend alex was born in raised in cult with his dad being leader so i understand dome of the difficulties. Again thank you sincerly Chris Duval Mrs LockHearts 2 period.

  2. I want to thank you for taking your time to come to Coffee County Central High School to teach us about Cults. It was very interesting to learn about. I didn't know they existed until now. It sounds kind of scary to join. I'm sorry for your loss of your brother. Again, thank you for coming and talking to us. I really enjoyed it. :) Donovan

  3. Thank you soo much for coming to coffee county central high! I loved hearing about your experience with the cult.I hope that everthing goes well with your family. Thank you again for coming it was very interesting!:] -Valaina

  4. Deb, thanks so much for visiting my classroom. Your information was so interesting. My students talked about the presentation today, and they said the information was just shocking. Most of them had never experienced anything like this before. Thanks so much for your gracious giving of your talents. I look forward to working with you and reading more of your works. ~ Teresa Lockhart

  5. Thank you all for your blog posts!!
    I really enjoyed meeting you and if I can answer any questions please contact me! Deb