Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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No More Excuses!

No More Excuses: Change the Definition of Rape

Tell the FBI Director Robert Mueller:
It’s high time for the FBI to modernize their archaic definition of rape ("The carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will") to reflect the reality of rape in the United States. Please give final approval to update the Uniform Crime Report so that the definition of rape includes all victims. Every rape should be counted.

The Wicked Wives review

The Wicked Wives is a good read --the author calls it a "novel based on a true story".

The main protagonist, Tom Rossi, Assistant DA, is well developed and easy to identify with<br/><br/>The antagonsits are many--the conspirator, Giorgio, the 16 wives accused of killing thier husbands, the insurance agents who wrote policies on the husbands lives, and more.

I agree with the author who states this ia a story made for a movie script.  <br/><br/>That said, as a reader, it is sometimes difficult to follwow due to the many characters and the detailed legalities and trials.

The language is someties too modern for 1930's Philadelphia and the detaisl of the area are too few and general to anchor a reader in the story setting.

Tom's lovelife is troubled and his rapid change in partners at the story's end make him seem shallow and insincere.

However, it is a true crime story, and those are often more truth than storyline.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What can a Media Kit do for you and what should be in it?

Media Kit 101

Joel Friedlander of The Book Designer answers this for CreateSpace

Great tools from an Amazon publisher!

Create Space
an imprint owned by Amazon has recently made some changes that are VERY BENEFICIAL for authors!

when your file is uploaded, there is now a full page by page interactive review advising where there are potential errors or issues (example images with low resolution)

This makes it so easy to spot issues BEFORE you pay for an receive a proof copy book that has no value!

thank you, CreateSpace!