Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Writing events nearby in NW Georgia


Tuesday, April 10, 1 pmPresentation: “Writing for Television and Film”
Jeffrey Stepakoff, writer for Wonder Years, Dawson’s Creek, and Disney films
Tuesday, April 10, 6 pm
Presentation and reading: The Orchard
Jeffrey Stepakoff, author of Fireworks Over Toccoa and The Orchard
Autograph session to follow
Wednesday, April 11, 1 pm
Presentation: “The Love of Reading” by Roy Exum, storyteller and columnist
Thursday, April 12, 1 pm
Presentation: Foxfire: 45 Years
Joyce Green, editor of The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book
Autograph session to follow
Thursday, April 12, 6 pm, Goodroe Auditorium
Presentation: “The Barbeque that Healed a Nation” by Kent Whitaker, The Deck Chef,
followed by a Taste of the South – sampling of Southern food
Autograph session to follow

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