Saturday, May 12, 2012

No more Britannica ...

Encyclopedia Britannica recently announced that it will no longer be published in print. It will now only be available online.

AS Google has become the FIRST place most of us search for any type of information, it is to be expected that reference materials would move to digital, but for those of us who grew up with the joy of printed Encyclopedias,  this is a moment of nostalgia...

Today's generation will not have the memories of these magical sets of books being sold door to door, and the wonder of having stacks of boxes arrive in the mail --to spend hours of joy immersed in the volumes and making discoveries --of things previously unknown.

Also gone are the days of buying one volume a week at the grocery store until all books in the set are complete. Each week brought joy and wonder as new volumes arrived home nestled in brown paper bags, between the macaroni and mayonnaise.

Encyclopedias were to my generation-as laptops are to today's students--when you had your own set of encyclopedias, your options were endless.  Knowledge at your fingertips.....the world at the turn of a page.

Words and wisdom mixed with wonder.

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