Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where to go for writers....

Did you know? 
A lot of the info you look for and wonder about is available to you free of charge on the following blogs, websites, and Facebook pages:
Murfreesboro Writers Group Blog ( )
·         3600+ views
·         300+ postings
·         News about our members
·         News from our members
·         News about events and changes in the marketplace
·         How to critique tips
·         MWG rules and meetings
Live Love & Write (Debs blog) ( )
·         6800+ views
·         400+ postings
·         Tips on self publishing
·         Tips on marketing
·         Tips on building a platform
·         Resources for writers
·         Calls for Beta readers (and definitions of what a Beta reader is )
·         Book giveaways
·         QR codes—what they are and why they matter
·         Setting up an Amazon Author page –how, where and why
·         Ideas for getting published—Creativity Portal and more
 Simple Self Publishing ( )
·         2000+ views
·         250+ postings
·         Tips on selecting a publishing company
·         Tips on how to self publish
·         Tips on issues in the marketplace for self publishers
·         Resources for publishing
·         A complete page on the cult, its members, the mass suicide, pictures, and more
·         Info on book signings and giveaways
·         Resource links for help with cults, mental illness, sexual abuse, etc
·         Bibliography
·         example of an author media kit
·         examples of book media kits
·         examples of publication listings
·         links to all social media locations for the author
·         author to author books reviews
·         historical info on the Central State hospital (where Debs mom was) –and why it matters
·         Paris pics
·         Links to the MWG blog
·         Anthology sales
·         Sale of Debs books
·         Links to resources and author websites

·         Event listings for our group members
·         Announcements and news about members
·         News about publishing industry
·         Requests for Beta readers

Goodreads  (
·         Requests for Beta readers
·         Book giveaways
·         Book reviews
·         Author events

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