Saturday, February 11, 2012

Most importance factors in selling books?

Who you Know

The answer --in the order of importance for  SALES--is
1) Who you know (all potential buyers or influences)
2) Marketing
3) Cover & Appearance
4) Content

Who you know makes a difference in finding opportunities to tell people about your book and that's where it begins --whether it is in person or online--it starts with relationships

Marketing --where you talk about the book, how you talk about it, how others talk about it, how often images of the book are seen, or descriptions of the book are heard, affects how well it is remembered and that affects purchasing

Cover and appearance---we are all drawn to imagery --it speaks to us in an immediate way that words cannot.  it is the image that most often drives us to pick up the book --to read the back cover, and thumb thru the index...

Content-this is what affects how we as readers perceive value--was it everything we expected and hoped?  If so, we are likely to remember the author and be interested in future works.

So, the message is that they are ALL vital--what part is most importance depends on what you are trying to accomplish, but you can't get books into readers hands without relationships....

so, the message is really that its relationships that matter---

Next book blog bit form Deb --platform--why you need it and what it is!

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