Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another winner from Amanda Stephan!

Amanda has done it again!

"Lonely Hearts" is a well written tale of finding love later in life, after you're certain it will never again be yours. Injected with gentle humor and fierce faith, it is a story that can be read by all ages without concern.

The interwoven practices of church and prayer and the strong belief in homeschooling tell us much about the heroine, Becky, and the author, Amanda.

With enough twists and turns to keep you guessing and enough joy to make you rejoice, "Lonely Hearts" is a sweet and enriching read.

Thank you, Amanda, for being the author and muse in this story!

Another Success--like "The Price of Trust" (Amanda's first novel...) 

Lonely Hearts
One lonely mother. Two matchmaking kids. Three eligible bachelors and some very yummy apple pie…
Becky Callis is the widowed mother of two, trying to make ends meet. Moving to a new town, things get a little complicated when her mischievous children think she's been lonely far too long and try to take romantic matters into their own hands. 

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  1. Thanks Deb for posting about my book! I appreciate it greatly :) Hope you have a marvelous week!