Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hemingway -Chick lit?


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  1. The thought of Hemmingway as "Chick lit" cracks me up. WWHS, that is: What would Hemmingway Say?"

    Anyway, when I was in Middle/High School, my friends and I were into V.C. Andrews books (Flowers in the Attic, et al). We read them as a community and it was ok for us to do so as girls.

    There was a time when comic books were read in the same sorts of ways by boys, and I doubt that happens now. I wish boys were still reading comic books because at least they would be reading. *sigh* But, comic books seem to have been replaced by video games. *deeper sigh*

    It seems to me that we socialize boys differently, and that needs to change in some ways.

    Thanks for sharing.