Sunday, September 18, 2011

Author Marketing Kit

The Ultimate Author Marketing Kit!!
Now every author and small publisher can afford to have the same industry contacts as the big publishers. 

Our Ultimate Marketing Kit will give you all of the contacts you need at bookstores, in the media and even book reviewers, to help promote your book.

You can email, call or mail things to the bookstores and media contacts using the list.  Over 90 percent of our contacts have email address.

Our bookstores are listed in excel and .cvs format, as are the media contacts. 

The kit is worth over $1,000.

All of the contacts are up-to-date as of July 2011. 

Only $139!!!

Here's What You Get:

Ultimate Author Marketing Kit:

• Confidential Media List
• Book Reviewers List
• Bookseller Associations
• Top 50 Newspapers

Ultimate Author Marketing CD:

• 2,000+ Independent Bookstores across the U.S.
• 4,300 media contacts across the U.S.
• Book Reviewer List in Excel format
• PLUS - Links To All Of The Resources In The Kit

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