Monday, July 25, 2011

Summary for Deb

I tallied it up and guess what I found!

I have published: 
 7 books 
13 Newspaper articles 
1 Literary Journal entry-poem 
2 Anthology entries-poems
5 EZine Articles-how to articles for writers 

I've given 
4 public presentations (how to) 

I've been 
Editor for 2 Newsletters 
Technical Writer for 1 Board Game 
Website content development for 3 websites 

I have 

20+ years industry writing experience 
20+ years training development and delivery 

Deb Simpson, Author
One Moment, One Memory, One Motion,  ISBN 978-0-557-42967-7Pink Place & Blue Blaze, A Special Edition ISBN 978-0-615-48979-7A Guide To using Pink Place ISBN 978-1-463-55523-8
May your life be filled with many wonderful Moments, Memories and Motions! 

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