Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Call for Submissions--funny dog and cat pics!

I am on the hunt for funny animal photos for a humor book project that's in the works. Do you have any you'd like to submit?

I can't give away all the project details just yet, but it's a humor book that combines pet humor and a little silly political humor. I am looking for animal photos—mostly dogs—that are in any way out of the ordinary. They can be wacky, like a dog trying to ride a bike; they can be amusing, like a dog wearing a Santa hat; or they can just be out of the ordinary, like a dog chewing up a VHS tape. Basically, if it's unusual (i.e., more than just a straight-up photo), I would love to see it. The photos do not have to be political in nature; please no captions.

If you love your dog/cat as much as I do and want to see them in a book released nationally, this is a good opportunity. If I can use your photo, I will let you know within three months or so (if the project moves forward). At that time, I will need you to fill out a permissions form for use of the image. There is no financial compensation, but if the photo is used, your name will appear as a credit in the back of the book (yay!) and your dog/cat will forever be immortalized in an awesome way.

If you have one (or several!) photos to submit, please send them to as soon as possible. Put "Pet Book" in the subject line. Easy peasy. Thank you in advance! This book, if it gets green-lit, will be tons of fun.



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