Friday, April 19, 2013

Publetariat Destroyed by a Hacker.”

Publetariat Hacked!

 Joel Friedlander stated on his blog--was shocked to receive this note from my colleague April Hamilton:
“Last week, Publetariat was named one of Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Sites For Writers for the fourth year in a row, and this year it was also singled out as one of the “Best of the Best”.
Yesterday, Publetariat was destroyed by a hacker.”
My heart sank. As a website owner who relies on this site and other web assets for my livelihood, I was completely aghast.
Sure enough, heading over to Publetariat, April had left a “note on the door” that reads, in part:
“As a totally non-profit, volunteer-staffed site, Publetariat lacks the resources and staffing to keep recovering from these malicious attacks.
The site is currently not accessible or properly functional, though its content is still contained in the site’s database.”
April has helped thousands of indie authors get started in publishing, and was an early pioneer online. She has also reprinted and publicized my articles as well as those of numerous other bloggers in the indie field, and also provides our content to Kindle Nation Daily.

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