Thursday, March 29, 2012

Right Words to take you 2theTop!

The Right Words in the Right Places  (RWRP)

“Ross Jones” of 2theTop  Website Design and Promotion
I attended last night’s session on  RWRP and picked up many practical and professional tips to enhance my website marketing approach!

I have been running my own websites and blogs for more than 5 ears and had scoured the web and books and magazines for simple low cost tools, but Ross took this to a whole new level

I less than 2 hours, he “righted my ship” and helped me to become more effective and efficient

His discussion and tips were filled with knowledge, passion and immediate take-aways, kind of like a “fast food for marketing” (Do you want fries with that?)
I would not hesitate to attend another session or class he provides or t purchase a book or video he authored! 

Listen, learn and lead the market using   2theTop tips! 

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