Friday, November 25, 2011

News from Writer's Digest --2012 Yearbook

New-at Barnes and Noble- Avenue!  2012 Writers Digest Yearbook

Here is my top 5 from this great --just purchased--publication!

1) Creativity Portal is once again in the top 101 websites for writers and is now #2! Creativity Portal!

2) Some indie bookstores are now charging admission to attend author events like book signings! AARRGH

3) A Publishing industry expert is saying that within 3 years, a publisher (even an indie) will be able to reach 50%  the book buyers without needing to print books and risk inventory (by using print on demand)

4) Fantasy and Sci-Fi remained strong sellers for 2011 and are projected to continue in 2012

5) This is the era of the Ebook--Amazon sold more ebooks in 2011 than printed books, with Kindle leading the pack at 75% favor and Nook close behind at 70%!

This is a Must read for all serious writers!

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