Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jump Start your writing!

Just like a car needs extra juice when it’s running low, we as writers need to jump start ourselves.
That may mean getting the extra juice or power from another writer or another source.
It’s time to

• Go to those blogs you subscribe to—the ones that bombard your email with updates-yep, those little blurbs that you so often delete!

• Go to the bookstore—the smell of printed words and the vision of other authors work is enough to inspire and invigorate

• Go to the car—drive somewhere, turn the radio up and sing along—a lyric in a song may be all it takes to inspire an idea

• Go to the journals—you remember, those books where you wrote down every thought –no matter how nonsensical? Sometimes a fresh look inspires a new ideas

• Go to one of those unfinished projects—the ones we toy with for months and years on end—pick it back up, you might see a new twist, a new approach, a new voice.

• Go to the treadmill or the sidewalk—get moving; sometimes moving your body moves your mind and it definitely increases your energy!

• The message is GO!

Do something!

Let me guess—you don’t “feel like it”? Do it anyway!

As they say in 12 step circles “Fake it till you make it!”

No one EVER has enough time to do everything they want , if it’s something you desire, you will create the time. Otherwise, it’s only a wish, not a career.

Are you going to wish on a magic bottle?
Or JumpStart yourself into action?
Are you a writer or a wisher?

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