Monday, April 18, 2011

Are you BORING your readers?

Well, this has been an interesting month!

I've read (and posted) 3 book reviews, completed the formatting and draft issue of Pink Place, Blue Blaze, and wrote a couple of poems.....

The books reviews have been interesting--all 3 were indie authors, and all could have benefitted from involvement in a writers group

Some common issues:
1) repetitive language--use of the same word several times on one page (reader loses interest)
2) repetitive rhyme patterns and repeated words in poems (reader loses interest)
3) Too much unnecessary detail (bores the reader)
4) Action/conflict is introduced too late in the book (reader may have stopped caring by this point)
5) too much back story before telling me about the action/conflict (the reader wants to know why they should keep reading--and the action and conflict are what drives their interest

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