Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tired of writing for free?

en Tips to Getting Paid for Your Writing
So, you want to be a writer? Hey, you ARE a writer. Start getting paid for it.

1. Own it. Tell yourself you are a writer. Tell other people you are a writer. Believe it.

2. Write it. Write something every day, whether or not your muse is cooperating.

3. Polish it. Revise and edit. Share your work with other readers and writers. Revise and edit some more. Make it as good as it can be.

4. Focus it. Decide where you will submit your work. A great place to start is with online content farms, like Suite101, Associated Content, and Demand Media. Community magazines, local newspapers, and small, niche magazines also offer opportunities for writers.

5. Build it. Build your platform and establish your readership by publishing online and in small magazines and newspapers. Don't worry about starting small, just start somewhere and keep building.

6. Connect it. Visit blogs and websites of other people who write in your content area, and give comments and encouragement. Refer to their articles and websites in your writing. Review their books. Invite them to take a look at your articles. Use social media to share your work. You'll develop a network of links, information sources, and regular readers.

7. Expand it. Keep submitting your work and always be on the lookout for new publishing opportunities. A useful rule of thumb is always to have at least three articles in the pipeline, waiting for either acceptance or publication.

8. Define it. Once you start selling work regularly, narrow your efforts to the work you most enjoy and the work that is most profitable. Concentrate on these publications, and seek out more of the same. At this stage, you will actually be turning down offers that don't appeal to you or fit in with your goals. If your goal is to publish a book, use your platform to help launch it.

9. Improve it. Join writers' groups. Subscribe to newsletters. Attend conferences. And read, read, read the very best of what is being published in your topic or genre. Make sure that you keep honing your writing skills.

10. Enjoy it. Take a look around. You've got a lot to be proud of, and a lot to look forward to. You've joined the ranks of professional writers.
You can do

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