Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Review for My book on Amazon!

A cathartic work with hidden strength...., January 14, 2011
By G. Reba (Panama City, FL) "One Moment, One Memory, One Motion" by Deb Simpson is more than a book of poetry; it's a message of strength and inspiration wrapped in the beauty of the written word for all to share. The author went through some dark times in her life, as she so candidly discloses in her opening thoughts, but with that candor she gains both the undivided attention and trust of readers. Each section delivers a little more history from the author's past in both the short introductions and the poetic content. While the usual beauty we associate with this written form is stripped away due to the events being conveyed, the real beauty of these pieces comes from the courage it took to share such tramatic experiences not only to heal herself but to potentially prevent the same thing from happening to someone else.

Recommended for adult readers only as the subject matter discussed is not appropriate for young eyes, but it is appropriate to help spread awareness about a type of criminal act that generally goes unseen...except by the criminal and the victim. Knowledge is power. For those that have been in a similar place, knowing that someone else has lived through their own version of that personal he** and survived to tell the tale can mean the difference between them choosing to remain silent or finally breaking free and speaking out.

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