Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pink Place Rocked!

Yesterday was a great party!

My grandkids all sported pink hair in support of the Pink Party--thank you Katie, Sammi, Gracie, Mattie, Nichols, and Ryan! Thank you Katie for making the annojunceents in the store, Thanks to Sammi for breing a great representative as the person Pink Place is dedicated to, and thansk to Ryan for helping us set up...and how do I ever say thnaks to my incredibel son, for all the help and support he gave, and to his beloved,Tiffany for all of her support, smiles and balloon tying!

Christie's daughter Nyla created an interesting picture of her Mom (in true 3 year old style)!

Mary Pat wore a pink bow in her hair and told us how much she liked her copy of Pink Place...and her mom posted MP's review on our blog!

Kim won the raffle and gets a Pink Place hat--and she's coming back to writers group!!

June stopped by and we signed each others books and talked about ideas for future b0ok events...very inspiring

Susan M., Director of CASA Rutherford County stopped by and bought One
Moment, ONe Memory, One Motion--CASA already bought 10 copies of Pink Place!!

Sysan H., Defense attorney for CASA kids, brought her adorable little red headed baby boy in and bought a Pink Place book for him!

I read the book to all the kids and we gave them Pink Place coloring books to take home--we could have some new Picassos in our midst....

Everyone loved the Pink Place dollhouse...and wanted to take it home

Hastings was very supportive and loved our event!

Thank you seems like such a small thing to say for all the joy you brought me, but THANK YOU!! WITH ALL MY HEART

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